Sunday, February 11, 2018

End Time Predictions In 2018

      If you watch cable you will probably see all the shows making those crazy predictions for what will take place during the year. Yes we saw the groundhog and he predicted another six weeks of winter, just what I need. One of the most famous individuals for predicating the coming events in history was Nostradamus. he has made some predictions that seems to be extremely close, while others are a little far fetched. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the video below that I came across.            


  Okay now the next predictions that are very popular are associated with religion and the coming of the antichrist. As I have stated in other posts it is usually either the current pope or the current president. I really don't think the televangelists can make up their minds. I think what it really comes down to is just as it states in the bible know one knows the time or the hour, only God knows. Not the Son or The Angels know, only the Father.


   Here is a video from the perspective of the Catholic Church. You may have to turn your volume up as the audio is a little low.


 Finally here is a course below on the end times that you may find very interesting. Click on the pictures or links below.

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