Saturday, April 28, 2018

Are You Ready For The Great Day Of Tribulation Spoken Of In The Bible

 Many individuals are indicating that the Rapture Of The Church is just about upon us. 

 Click This Link And Watch The Video About The Great Day Of The Tribulation.

Click Here To Learn About The Rapture There are so many different signs of the end times happening that I believe Jesus Christ will be appearing very soon. There is so much hate, sex and other disgusting things happening all around us, it will only be a matter of time when God The Father says enough is enough.
 Yes there are many people out there who predict that Jesus will come on this day or that day. What do we always find out ? They are always wrong. It says in the Bible that no one knows the time of the hour. Not the Angels, nor The Saints and Not Even The Son knows the time or the hour, only the Father.

 You see if these people who predict the coming of Jesus Christ were right, then they would know more that God himself. We all know that this can not be true or the whole Bible would be false. All we can do is watch the various signs and wonders in the heavens. You see this day will happen when we least expect it. It will be too late for some as they did not prepare.
 So click the link above and watch the video. 

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